Centre professionnel canin

We are a team led by an experienced dog handler.

Before the establishment of Le Centre Professionnel Canin (The Professional Canine Center), Alain Jourdenais had accumulated twenty years of experience in several companies, specialized in the field of dog training.

This career path made him discover thoroughly the dynamics that exist between an owner and his dog and allowed him to develop the approach that has made the success of Le Centre Professionnel Canin as well as to form around him a very competent team.

This approach is, in fact, very simple. It consists of the consideration that each owner-dog couple is unique and the customization of the dog trainer's approach with regards to the expectations of the owner and the potential of his dog.

Alain Jourdenais

In other words, our objective is the harmony of the owner/dog relationship, complying with the exigencies of the owner, but not necessarily hounding on the performance of the dog.

To achieve this, it was necessary to develop interview techniques (to evaluate owners) and test protocols (to evaluate dogs). It is based on the assessment results, that a training plan suited to their needs can be offered.

It is also through this evaluation that the dog handlers of Le Centre Professionnel Canin are able to provide a customized training of high quality, the results of which are guaranteed by personal monitoring.

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At the Center, dog training is not left to chance and it is not by chance that more  thousand dogs queue up at our doors every year.