Every dog is unique!
5992 Rue de Salaberry, Montréal, QC H4J 1J8, Canada

Accommodation / Pension

Boarding - Pleasant stay

Here are the services that Le Centre Professionnel Canin offers:

  • Your companion has already had a training, therefore, we re-apply it during its stay.
  • A safe stay for your doggie.
  • Convenient accommodation that is disinfected every day.
  • Accommodation size fitting for a small Yorkshire to a St-Bernard.
  • Safe and ventilated enclosure.
  • Grooming service available at end of stay if desired*.
  • Possibility of training*.
  • Regular walks.
  • Superior quality meals are served every day.
  • Veterinarian available in case of emergency.
  • All our guests are individuals and there is no contact between them.

* Additional Charges

Walks and nice games

Le Centre Professionnel Canin has a team of volunteers who are supervised:

  • Safe walks for your pet several times a day.
  • Individual outings in a park.
  • Exercises are mandatory.
  • If weather permits, we play "bring the ball” with doggy.
  • Otherwise, we use our vast interior room for its game periods.

5992 Rue de Salaberry Montréal , QC H4J 1J8 Canada Canada 514-745-3200