Every dog is unique!
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Shearing and Grooming

Le Centre Professionnel Canin offers shearing and grooming services for your dogs.

Here is a list of treatments that we offer:

  • Shearing and cutting with razor or scissors.
  • Clipping and filing of claws.
  • Bath with non-allergenic shampoo.
  • Insecticide or medicated bath.
  • Coat conditioning.
  • Thorough combing and brushing.
  • Hair removing and ear cleaning.
  • Emptying of anal glands.

Claw Clipping

For a small manicure for your dog!

Le Centre Professionnel Canin offers a claw clipping service for your dogs.

You know it's high time to clip the claws of your dog and clean its ears?

You do not know how to proceed or you do not want to do it...

Entrust this task to our grooming salon, we offer you the opportunity to come and get the claws of your dog clipped at all times without prior appointment.

In addition enjoy discounts, thanks to our claw clipping card on sale at all times. Our dog groomer will be happy to explain the benefits.

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