Every dog is unique!
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Other services

Sports and/or practical obedience

  • For lovers of competition.
  • For masters who want to appreciate their dog for its true value.
  • For owners who enjoy working with their dog for pleasure.

Le Centre Professionnel Canin can provide you with a course that meets your expectations whether for:

  • Schutzhund (German competition)
  • Novice or CD (Companion Dog)
  • Open or CDX (Companion Dog Excellent)
  • Utility or UD (Utility Dog)
  • French RING
  • Field trail, etc.


A good guard protects its masters and their property without being aggressive in its daily life... Well trained, it remains convivial and affectionate. We have two types of training, family and commercial.

These are two different types of protection:

Family Protection: consists of showing your dog to defend you if the need arises or to discourage malevolent people. This type of protection may also be used to control the aggressive nature of your dog. The dog will learn to use it only under your command, so you will exercise a better control over it.

Commercial Protection: consists of showing your dog to be alert at all times. More aggressive, it will trust only its masters.

Moreover, in both cases we can teach your dog several aspects of protection such as:

  • Guard of object (see video section)
  • Sport bite (see video section)
  • Race against the invader (see video section)
  • Hide (see the video section)
  • Escort (see video section)
  • etc.


Whether for competition tracking,

sports tracking or survival,

we can offer the appropriate training (SCH, FH, TD and TDX).

We also provide lessons for the detection of drugs, explosives or accelerators.


You amaze your friends with the obedience performance of your dog?

Imagine their surprise if in addition it spruces around, sits up, plays dead, rolls over, speaks (barks) on command, crawls, backs up or knows how to play ball...

We can help you teach it dexterity tricks, and who knows, maybe you will be tempted by a career of entertainer?

Special Activities:


  • Begin with private lessons! So call or email us for an appointment.
  • Duration: 3 weeks (1 hour per week).
  • Cost: Free


For more information or kindergarten registration, see our column: Kindergarten or contact us.

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